One of the best ways to promote products online.


One of the ways in which today’s marketing has changed is that everybody wants to go digital. Everyone wants to create a digital footprint and guess what who is at the rescue?
Yes, you guessed it right it’s google again!

Indeed Google has changed the way marketing is done. Not only it provides a platform to the marketers also it provides tools and resources to achieve the desired output. The outputs of marketing can vary right from website views to product selling. So what are the different ways in which the above-mentioned outputs can be achieved. Since 90% of the search in today’s world is done on Google so the best way to get in the eyes of the customer is Google Ads.
Traditionally the Pay Per Click (P.P.C) were used as the source for converting on any platform but now as Google has introduced Product Listing Ads also known as Google Shopping Ads. It has become very useful as your ads are directly visible on the top of the page. Check Out how to kickstart your PLA campaign and What Things to avoid while running Product Listing Ads (PLA)


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